MUSTARD SEED/OIL: Mustard is a versatile seed, it is used in umpteen numbers of ways, and the seeds can be crushed to form a paste that is mixed with water to form condiment. It can be dried and crushed to form a powder, which is further processed to form mustard sauce.There are two types of mustards available, one is the black variety and the other is the most popularly used, the yellow one. We closely monitor the mustard seeds that we plan to pick out for supply and keep them under strict vigil, ever since they start germinating; we also create artificial cold and moist conditions to facilitate proper germination so that only high quality mustard is produced.New Crop : Febuary To March. Mustard seed is mainly used as a condiment and pickling spice. Mustard seed oil is used for body massage during extreme winters. Mustard seed is used with vegetable curry or fish. Mustard oil is widely used to cook lot of eatables and dishes. Mustard oil is applied over scalp and is believed to stimulate hair growth. Mustard powder is used as face pack & cream. Speeds up metabolism, Stimulates digestion, Treats skin diseases.