We export a healthy and nutritious range of yellow Corn. It is well-dried and chemical free. It is a yellowish colour grain and is used as food stuff for human being as well as birds and animals food. yellow Corn is a staple crop in some countries. It is free from bacterial and fungal diseases. We offer them in both raw as well as sorted type. These are used in making fast foods, soups and dietary foods. They are known for their high nutritional value and healthy attributes. Clients can choose from various grades. The product is processed in highly hygienic conditions. Yellow Corn is commonly known as corn in some countries and the largest cash crop cultivated. It is the third largest grown Corp in the world. The yellow corn is grown under hygienic conditions in Indian fields.

We supply only Indian variety of yellow Corn, which is free from any bacterial and fungal diseases. The Indian yellow Corn is used in various food industries and other industries. It is used for human consumption and for animal feed. The corn has great demand across the world.